Free WiFi at the airport

My flight got delayed, so while hanging out at the Mumbai airport, I pulled out my laptop to figdet around and saw a “Free Wifi From Airtel” as one of the networks.

Once I connected to it, I was asked to enter my mobile number to get the login/password. I entered my mobile number, got the login details and I signed-in. Voila! Connected.

I know there is no such thing as free lunch, but hey what the heck. It seems like an innovative way to do lead generation is a way for security agencies to track users. Cheap and effective. I am sure there are many others like me who would fall for this ;-)


Author: anand

Currently CleverTap. Founder & ex-CTO - burrp. A techie and an entrepreneur at heart. Have worked in US, China and India.

2 thoughts on “Free WiFi at the airport”

  1. Actually the number is not for lead generation but a requirement by security agencies… they need to know who used the Internet from a given IP. So SMS gives them your identity without you having to fill out a form! I think its a fair policy instead of waiting around to buy a coupon or fill out a form…

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