Joined the GYM

No, it has nothing to do with Google Yahoo Microsoft, you nerds. I joined a gymnasium (it’s never too late, no?) called Be Fit Gym and it’s is located very close to my office. Today was my first day. I did some cardio for 25 mins followed by some chest and ab exercises. Good stuff for the first day. I know what you guys are thinking “Kal pata chalega” :-)

This is one of my three new year resolutions. Better late than never. I have started sleeping early and joined the Gym today. Now the last but the toughest resolution needs to be dealt with – Stop doing 15 things at once. Concentrate. Zen. Peace.


Author: anand

Currently CleverTap. Founder & ex-CTO - burrp. A techie and an entrepreneur at heart. Have worked in US, China and India.

2 thoughts on “Joined the GYM”

  1. Am I glad to hear these wonderful things from you, Ands! Cheers, keep up the spirits, keep going and will check on all the 3 when we meet in person..soon!

  2. Wow, Is it Anand talking about sleep? Yesterday, I was talking to my friend in kitchen about your sleep disliking due to your passion to learn technology. I am sure you will start now thinking about technology while sleeping ;).

    I am also going GYM regularly since Jan this year as it was New Year resolution. Of course, I was thinking to do the same more than three years but worked this year, so nothing is late. When I moved to USA most of them were seeing calories chart first before buying any grocery and was always wondering why do they have to do it because we never care what we are feeding to our body while eating ‘vada-pav’ or ‘dalwada’ or ‘bhajiya’ in India BUT after me burning < 600 calories on treadmill started seeing those chart. No wonder, burning calories squeeze you and putting that spicy/oily fried ‘farsan’ requires only damn 5 minutes. . YES, I know, but did I STOP myself? Ask Manish Jani, we just had good fatty food last week only ;). I should do that as well ASAP and follow spice-less/oil-less/cheese-less diet otherwise GYM has NO MEANING.

    Don’t eat VADA-Pauv on our behalf at Mumbai ;).

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