NetMagic Solutions

Today I went to meet the fine folks at NetMagic Solutions. We are evaluating an option to host burrp! servers with them. They showed me around their data-centers and support facilities and I must say I can came back truly impressed. Before the meeting I had a very bleak picture of the Indian hosting providers, but this meeting changed it all.

We haven’t made the switch yet, our servers are still hosted in the US, but it was just nice to check out their facilities and meet some knowledgeable people there.

Will let you guys know if we make the switch (or not).


Author: anand

Currently CleverTap. Founder & ex-CTO - burrp. A techie and an entrepreneur at heart. Have worked in US, China and India.

5 thoughts on “NetMagic Solutions”

  1. What kinda server setup do you have? Multiple web servers, separate db server or all on one machine? Just curious to know what kinda hardware setup goes behind a site like burrp.

  2. I believe in the philosophy of scaling as and when required. We started out with a single “all in one” server. Now we have several servers, with the DB getting it’s own machine. I won’t be able to give you other details of the infrastructure for competitive and security reasons.

  3. I think your website is fast enough right now. You should probably do a CDN (Content delivery network) solution to make images/videos etc load faster from an Indian location, without actually shifting your US servers.

    The thing with India hosting is the bandwidth costs, they’re like 5x of US pricing. The other problem if you move to India completely is that your international visitors will have HORRIBLE speeds. Visitors from US and other countries are not used to slower speeds as opposed to the Indian audience.

  4. The images on the site are not the problem. The problem is the number of hops that it takes to reach the servers. No matter what you do, the number of hops it takes to reach a US server is always going to be more than the one hosted in India.

    You are right on about the bandwidth costs. That was a real shocker for me. Bandwidth in India is really expensive and there is no option to go unmetered.

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