Twitter help

Hey people, anyone out there who is a big time Twitter user? I need your help with a few questions –

  1. First of all, what “platforms” is twitter available on? For example, can twitter send me an SMS for a user that I am following, or do I have to visit a web page to figure out who is doing what?
  2. What is the length limit of the messages?
  3. Can I embed hyperlinks in the messages?
  4. Do people “chat” using twitter? Or is it more like SMS, where the messaging is stateless.
  5. Also, are there are any services that broadcast stuff via Twitter? if yes, then what kind of stuff do they broadcast.

You can leave your replies as comments to this post. Thanks in advance for your help.


Author: anand

Currently CleverTap. Founder & ex-CTO - burrp. A techie and an entrepreneur at heart. Have worked in US, China and India.

5 thoughts on “Twitter help”

  1. 1. Dunno.
    2. 140 characters
    3. Yes. [But you’d probably have to use tinyurl or something to fit it into the char. limit]
    4. It’s a status message – so you can chat (with the world following) – but you can’t IM (I guess that’s what you meant?). You can leave a comment on a status message however. If you have been using Facebook’s updated ‘What are you doing’ bit – you’d get the flow.
    5. What kind of services do you mean?

  2. Regarding #5 – Say, if ICICI bank wanted to notify users of some special offer or scheme. Or your hosting provider sent you system downtime notifications via Twitter.

  3. 5.) is this what you are looking for? –

    There are a lot of apps for the desktop, iPhone, Blackberry that are nicer to look at than just text messages coming back and forth.

    1.) Yes, Twitter will send an SMS for users that you are following. My knowledge is based on 6 months ago before the Twitter platform pruned functionality to improve its reliability, but I think the feature you want is still there.

    Stumbled upon your blog when I was looking at and trying to find more information about its history. If you have some time, would love to connect over email.

  4. Just to add on. Twitter is like chatting. @replies where you put @anand for eg and send a reply are the chats. Its broadcast chatting and there are guidelines for sending broadcasts. If you want to send broadcasts you will need to use something like twitter fox and you need to use it wisely. Probably target channels using #. But you just cant use script. Your account will get banned. So you will have to limit your activities to manual and create a channel (stream) for your topic.

    If you are a bank you need to get all your users to follow you and then tweet stuff (like a broadcast). That’s the best way. The same thing as the CNN breaking news service on Twitter ;)

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