Candidates Uff…

This afternoon I was interviewing a candidate. Here are some of the ridiculous questions that I was asked –

  • Candidate: What about Player X and Player Y. Look at their Alexa rank and look at yours. (now mind you that these players have been at it for the past several years and are MASSIVE portals. We are just a puny site).
  • Candidate: When will the company get it’s own building with different deparments. Me: What do you mean? Candidate: Look at Infosys, they’ve got many buildings. Me: WTF?
  • Candidate: I am looking for a stable company. Me: Lehman was considered a stable company for the past 157 years up until 3 weeks ago.
  • Candidate: When will burrp! stop working on it’s products? Me: (My first reaction was WTF, then …) Google is still tweaking their search algorithms, Microsoft is still trying to build a better OS, Mercedes still makes cars. Why do you think we’ll stop working on our products one fine day?
  • Candidate: How many people do you have from IIT? Me: What does this question mean?
  • Candidate: Why do people write reviews on burrp!? Me: It’s a review platform, you dunderhead.
  • Candidate: How many employees do you have? Me: XX. Candidate: When will you get more people. Me: WTF?

This guy left me mentally exhausted by the end of the interview. Dude, if you want buildings and “stable” jobs, better join some investment bank. Don’t waste a startup’s time. Time not spent interviewing candidates is spent improving the product :-)

by the way, if you are looking for a change and want to work in a fun, fast paced startup environment then check out our openings here.


Author: anand

Currently CleverTap. Founder & ex-CTO - burrp. A techie and an entrepreneur at heart. Have worked in US, China and India.

3 thoughts on “Candidates Uff…”

  1. Anand,

    I am imagining how your reaction would have been when these were posed to you..

    The best ones are the 3rd and the 4th.

    And 2nd just made me laugh… ..

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