Airtel DSL bill payment

Since my Airtel DSL bill was overdue, I tried (yes, tried) to pay them.

First I went to one of those “official” Airtel stores, only to be told that they won’t accept DSL payments. They only do mobile stuff. But I could make the payment at an Airtel shop just half a block away. Went to that shop, only to be told that the Airtel billboard was just a sponsored signage and they don’t have anything to do with any Airtel.

Ok, let’s try setting the matter online.

Went thru the hoop of creating a login. Got the password sent via an SMS. Upon entering the username/password, I was asked to fill up a profile. Name, Age, Gender, Occupation, a predefined hint question, blood sample (just kidding)… about a dozen fields that seem totally irrelevant to the objective on hand. Next, I clicked on the DSL payment link. The site thought about it for about 20 seconds only to come back with a “We are unable to process your request. Please try later. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

So my attempts to pay the bill failed. Think about this for a second – They couldn’t accept my payment due to their non-functional site. When I went to their store, they didn’t know how to accept the payment. Beats me.

Maybe they just one of their pesky phone agents to suck my blood until I ask them to come over and collect the cheque.


Author: anand

Currently CleverTap. Founder & ex-CTO - burrp. A techie and an entrepreneur at heart. Have worked in US, China and India.

4 thoughts on “Airtel DSL bill payment”

  1. That annoying phone call won’t come when you want it to. It will be only after you get another bill that has the additional “Late Payment Charges”. Those blood sucking leeches! If this post had come a week sooner, however frustrated I was, I would not have switched to Airtel from Tata.

  2. Airtel has multiple options for payment to be made. You could use many more alternate payment models such as paying by mCheck, payment thru IVR at their call center, online payment thru their site (without having to register to their self care) etc., if nothing works, you can always call their call center and ask to send one of their pick up agents to collect your dues… it works,I did it many times.. try it and see.

  3. Thanks for your responses, guys. I have no idea what mCheck is, but I’ll surely try out visabillpay. I tried making the payment without registering on their site, but it seems that they only accept mobile phone payments thru their site (I might be mistaken).

    Also, I could’ve asked them to send one of their guys… but the point is that I wanted to pay this on a Sunday and so the online option seemed to be the best one I had.

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