The trip to Bordi

Last weekend I went to Bordi with my family and friends. Bordi is a small beach town located about 150 kms from Mumbai, near the Maharashtra-Gujarat Border. We hired a 15 seater A/C Tourister mini-bus to take us to Bordi and back and it cost us about Rs. 10,000. Not bad.

Before I talk about Bordi, let me take a detour and talk about my hunt to zero in on a destination to go to. I went online to find some good weekend retreat – some hill station, beach town or a resort. There is no such site that would present you consolidated info. There are portals out there, but most of them seem like amateur efforts. Sites like Nivalink do a decent job of organizing stuff, but yet don’t  provide enough pictures or reviews of destinations, places to stay or information about travel or help with travel arrangements. If I am taking my family for vacation, I want to make an informed decision. Reviews or experiences of other people who have been there before would surely help. There is no such site in India. I looked at TripAdvisor – they’ve got content for bigger destinations but nothing substantial for off-beat or lesser known places. Random googling about Bordi threw up one review, but nothing significant. Finally, I took a leap of faith and decided to go to Bordi.

Now back to Bordi – The place is pretty chilled out for a beach town. Considering the throngs of people that you see in Alibaug and such other beaches, this place was nice and quiet. We stayed at a place called Tapovan. The place was a house converted into a “retreat”. They have a kitchen where they custom cook anything you might desire for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The place was decent enough – but obviously don’t expect a JW Marriott experience here. The cost was staying was very reasonable also.

Bordi beaches are very peaceful. Other than my family there was only one other couple.

The trip was fun and I would surely go there again soon :-)


Author: anand

Currently CleverTap. Founder & ex-CTO - burrp. A techie and an entrepreneur at heart. Have worked in US, China and India.

One thought on “The trip to Bordi”

  1. I remember Bordi as the site of my VIIIth standard excursion trip.Our trip there lasted for 3 days.We stayed in a modest house like dormitory next to the beach.If I am correct, it was in the month of December.And the climate was really cool and breezy.All boys was in a single room and similarly the girls too.In the night we used to have camp fire and all kinds of competitions like drama, skits, antakshari, singing, guitars and dance between various classes.In the morning we used to run for miles along the beaches and then go on a Prabhat Pheri along the hamlets around the beach.Later we went to a tribal village which was nearby and donated old clothes,books and other educational kits like pens,pencils and bags to the childrens there.The only problem encountered by me was the water over there which was salty.It was a beautiful and quite place.It is now almost 9 years but I have sweet memories of it and also my school buddies and teachers.It was really some of the finest moments of my life over there.

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