Setting up Linksys E1200 as a wireless bridge

I get my internet connectivity from MTNL. They’ve given me a pretty rudimentary ADSL modem/router (wireless) – Beetel 450TC1. The range of the MTNL router doesn’t quite cover  the entire house. Hence the need for a repeater/bridge in one another location. Now it’s not possible for me to run a cable between the two routers and hence I need it to be a wireless bridge/repeater.

The MTNL supplied Beetel 450TC1 is my primary router (let’s call it R1) , and I needed a secondary router (let’s call it R2) to work as a wireless bridge/repeater.

So today I nervously bought a Linksys E1200 to be used as the R2 for my setup. I planned to put DD-WRT on it and setup it up as bridge/router.

The E1200 doesn’t have bridging capabilities right out of the box. You’ll need a firmware such as DD-WRT to unleash the full potential of the router.

Flashing the DD-WRT on the E1200 – Follow the steps mentioned here – to the T and your router should be all upgraded and ready to be setup for the wireless setup. I haven’t bothered to use the very latest firmware, as the vanilla build mentioned in the steps works flawlessly for me.

Setting up the E1200 for wireless bridging/repeating – Follow these steps to the T and you should be good –

E1200 is rated by Flashrouters as one of the best routers to setup as a dedicated repeater. For Rs. 2999 at Croma retail it’s not a bad option at all.



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  1. Sir, I did the same thing, have same MTNL Wireless modem. Bought E1200 Wireless N router. Followed, the same flashing guide y DD-WRT firmware, and configured it same way as suggested. My Cisco router pickedup the MTNL WIFI signal too, however, in the middle of my flat, where I wish to keep this E1200, it shows signal strength as 27%. However, the E1200 doesn’t seem to strenthen the signal further, into my other rooms. In short, its the same situation, as it was, prior to configuring the E1200 router. In my L Shaped comined 2 flat layout, My MTNL modem is in one of the corner room. I get MTNL signal, uptill middle of the flat area. SO, I placed the E1200 in middle of the flat, but this doesn’t seem to strenthen the signal further. I have connected it WIRELESSLY both. May you pls be able to help / suggest.

    1. By placing up the repeater/bridge in the middle of the flat, you should get good signal strength around the radius with that being the centre point. Are you sure you’re connecting to the repeater and not to the primary router? For troubleshooting, you can try using another channel.

  2. Dear Anand. Thanks for the reply, I did the same. I have placed the repeater in the middle of the flat. However, in my laptop, when I browse for my wireless network, I can see only one, which is my original wireless SSID from primary router.

    How do I make sure, I am connecting to the repeater and not the primary router. From whats happening, I guess, I am connecting to Primary router.

    Pls note: I do not have any physical connection between my E1200 and my laptop, nor any physical connection between primary and e1200 router. I guess, I dont have to establish a physical connection between Primary and E1200 router. I just plugged in my e1200 and kept it in the middle of flat, assuming, it will capture my primary wireless router and broadcast the WIFI, further, on the side of the flat. Thanks.

    1. Your setup seems to be right. You don’t need any physical connectivity either between the routers, or between a mobile device and the routers.

      To troubleshoot – 1) make the primary and the secondary wifi routers have different SSIDs. That’s how I know which one I connect to. 2) make sure that your primary router is the one that gives out the IP addresses via DHCP. 3) try disabling wifi on your laptop and connecting to the secondary router via a cable, just to see whether you can reach the primary router via the secondary. 4) Hope you’ve not turned off SSID broadcasting for the secondary router. 5) and when you say “… just plugged in my e1200… ” – I’m assuming that you’ve followed the steps to make it a repeater as mentioned above.

  3. Just did that. Another SSID had to be setup in 2ndary one, which I missed doing it. Thanks a lot. It works now. Overall, thanks to your blog, which I was searching, and that inspired me to go for one e1200 router. Thanks again. Take care.

      1. To be very honest I have no idea. That’s exactly why you should look up the firmware version to know the OEM, and then try to find out the DD-WRT build for that OEM.

  4. hi Anand ,
    I have three Access Point one netgearand two E1200 — i am facing some issue with E1200 — in certain period these both keeping relase the connection of client. Later on i restarted the AP again its works any idea where i am missed the configuration.


  5. Hello Anand,

    I am kind of confused because there seems to be 2 dd wrt builds for e1200 (dd-wrt.v24-18946_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini-e1200v2.bin and dd-wrt.v24-21676_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini-e1200v2.bin) which one should i used to flash the router?


  6. Hey anand I just bought a new router Asus rt-n66 aka the dark knight. I’m planning on using this router as the primary router and setting up the previous e1200 v2 as the repeater. My house has four floors. Unfortunately I only have access to floors 1, 3 and 4. I have the primary router relatively set up in the middle of the fourth floor and I’m trying to use the e1200 v2 as the repeater and I’m trying to place it on the third floor. If I follow the instructions that you provided on the site, all I have to is plug in the e1200 v2 on the third floor into a power outlet and nothing else right? Also the article you provided is for linking the DIR600 with the DD-WRT firmware upgraded e1200. Would there be another way to connect the RT-N66?

    1. Yes, those instructions should work. The DIR600 is just used as an example, those instructions work on the e1200 too. Good luck!

  7. The link to the instructions is down again. I get the WP install page just like Jeff. Any chance you could email me those instructions?


  8. Hey Anand I wanted to connect 450TC1 wirelessly to Dlink DIR-600L to work as repeater to enhance wireless range. is it possible & if yes steps please.

    1. Hey Anand, i actually wanted to make 450tc1 as the repeater as my primary is Dlink. i’m using hathway internet connection.

  9. Who knows ? after some setup changes suddenly no more connection to
    Who can help ?

  10. Hi Anand I have mobile wifi hotspot router and I bought E1200. I have followed all your instruction to setup repeater. After rebooting I can see my new wireless connection but I am not able to connect to it. Please help

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