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Welcome to my blog. I am Anand Jain. When I started my software/computing  journey in the late eighties, I couldn’t fathom the impact computers will have on people’s lives, specially when you connect them together to form a network. When I first came across a computer, it was introduced to me as a powerful calculator. What that calculator has evolved into is nothing less than spectacular. Along the way it has become much more powerful, ubiquitous and essential. Its utility has far exceeded my expectations or imagination, specially as more and more of those calculation machines are interconnected to form what we call the world-wide-web. I didn’t know the innocuous looking zeroes and ones would lead to all this.

This is just the beginning, however. We all have a long way to go.

In 2006 – I moved back from the US to start burrp! with the aim of  helping people plan their leisure time by carrying reviews and recommendations on the city’s best hangouts, must watch movies, events directory, tv shows, movies playing on tv etc. In April 2009, burrp! was acquired by Infomedia18 Ltd, which is now a part of Network18.

In July 2013, I co-founded CleverTap  – https://clevertap.com

You can follow me on twitter via @helloanand.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile to know what I am currently working on.

I am still as curious to learn as I was when I started out.


16 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey man ,
    I serched for you on google by your name imprsively yours was the second hit linking to you privious blog , not sure why you decided to move.
    Nice to see you write i can visulize you seeing ur writings.

    do not reply to my email id i am just adding my jucnk mail id use my yahoo ID , i am not sure if this site will capture it and spam my email.

  2. hey was surfing and came across your blog. liked the desription- the innocous zeros and ones- something struck a chord and thought let me shout out a “Hi!”

  3. Hi Anand

    Read about you in the BW article. It was really nice to know about a friend who has set his vision right and going towards it.

    Thumbs up….Keep up the great work.

    Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007.

    with memories of 1999 – 2000

  4. Hey Anand!

    Great job! Just bumped into burrp, became a member and also posted my first review on Moshe’s. I think you have a fantastic blog and your tag line about all those zeroes and ones…

    Truly passionate about your work. Love the food industru and am planning to start something. Will be in touch with you for mentoring.

    A suggestion – when I posted my review I wanted to share it with my friends and especially one with whom I had been to the place(Moshe’s). There should be a facilty like Share your review with friends where I can add multiple ids and a standard or customised message can be sent. Will make your site popular too.

    Lets catch up for a meal at Moshe’s if you have time! My office is close by in Colaba


  5. Hey Anand,

    So finally you did move out from here (US). Are you enjoying your stay in Mumbai?

    I am still in Columbus, OH – well, I remember talking you when you were preparing to leave US.

    Anyway, your blogs and sites are very impressive. Congrats! Keep it up.


  6. Hey Anand,

    When you starting burrp in Hyderabad? Have recently moved to Hyd and trying to find out places here to eat. Not an easy task when you don’t have something as nice as burrp around.


  7. Hey Anand..I just wanted to drop by and say Hi. I haven’t talked to you in ages but I know that you’ve been cranking away and kicking butt back in the homeland…Keep up the great work…I look forward to hanging out again soon!!

    PS – Get Deap drunk tonight…just because!

  8. Hi,

    Its a good job. One thing could you please tell me, what is your action towards the complaints and suggestions posted by different people in you site.


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