Zimbabwean Dus Ka Dum

Zimbabwe central bank governor said that they are knocking 10 zeros off the current currency. This means that a 10 billion dollar note will become 1 dollar note. Whoa! and  you thought you have issues.

Trivia – $1 USD is equal to 54,217,199,510 Zimbabwe Dollar


Nuclear Deal

While I don’t discuss (or understand) politics, I am hearty delighted that the vote of confidence went through in the Parliament today and India is finally going to go ahead with the nuclear deal. Just wanted to put this in pen and paper bytes and blog.

A hilarious article on Antilla

This was forwarded to me by Deap. Read this hilarious article on Mukesh Ambani’s new $2 billion home house. For those who like getting intimidated through pictures, check out this slide show of the new house.

I think it is a freaking waste of money, but who am I to judge.

Here is a snippet from the article (emphasis mine)-

Bill Gates’ cute little 66,000 square-foot spread in Seattle? Oprah’s lavishly bloviated $43 million palace in Montecito? Larry Ellison’s $300 million orgy of land in Woodside and Malibu? Pshaw! Child’s play. Barely enough to pay for the unicorn-skin hand towels stacked in the bathrooms of Ambani’s shiny little stick in the ground.