My first camping trip

  • Lazy Saturday morning
  • Sudden urge to go camping by noon – thanks to ze wife for the motivation
  • Got some friends to join. It’s decided, we’re going to Garbett point.
  • Oh shit – no tent, sleeping bag nor any camping experience
  • Jude borrowed tent from a friend for me, Kuldeep arranged sleeping bag for me.
  • Got act together – food, jacket, misc. stuff, shoved things in a bag and took off
  • Reached Matheran by 8 pm
  • Trekked about 5km from parking lot to camping site
  • Getting colder as the night progressed
  • Half moon, sky full of stars
  • Set up the tents
  • Got the barbecue going – ’twas windy, so a slight challenge. Prior barbecue experience in the US helped.
  • F&B: marinated cottage cheese pieces, cauliflower florets, baby potatoes, corn on the cob and gentleman jack for slow sipping. Nazir brought the non-veg stuff. Kuldeep brought Danska.
  • Bluetooth speaker (thanks Swapnil) and some really good music (thanks Jude), pitch darkness, no distractions.
  • Cool breeze, starry night, friends for company. What more can one ask for?
  • Saw the moon set, spotted Jupiter, Ursa Major, Milky way, North star and then some others.
  • Yikes – 12.30 am already, oh let’s get some sleep
  • Stepped inside tent, into the sleeping bag, and then Kuldeep asks whether I want to go for a stroll. Yes.
  • 30 minutes of conversation later, Kuldeep is feeling super sleepy. It’s a wrap.
  • Slept like a baby. These T2 tents from Decathalon are quite good. Double-walled and well made. Full insulation. Note to self: must get them soon.
  • 6.30 am Sunday – a little mist and magic in the morning.
  • 6.45 am – preparations on for morning cuppa tea. Kuldeep and Jude are setting up the fire.
  • 7.15 am – hot cup of tea, cool morning and sunrise. Some villagers make their way up to the spot on their way to work in Matheran.
  • Had Good day biscuits, Oranges and Guava for breakfast.
  • Learned the art and science of rolling up the tents.
  • 9.00 am – Packed stuff back in to the bags. Hiked back to parking lot.

My first camping trip comes to an end, but a lifetime of memories are mine to keep.

Some photos: